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Edgeware Takes the Pain Away

We understand the challenges. Over the decades, we have helped countless businesses fix data systems that — don’t talk to different departments, require entering info multiple times, result in duplicate records, provide unreliable results, take too much time and money to use, leave people uninformed, cause aggravation and ultimately, cost you business. Edgeware can help you too. We can help your business be smarter, faster and greater.


We make it easier to get information into and out of your systems. This includes collecting more information directly from your stakeholders. Then, we can help you aggregate and dashboard data to get regular snapshots of your business. Finally, we can help you protect and validate your data so you can trust what your systems are telling you.


We help make your business more agile. We can eliminate manual processes and bottlenecks that slow your operations down. We design systems to empower employees, customers and suppliers to take self-directed action. We automate processes such as ordering from suppliers when inventory levels drop. As time is money, our services pay you dividends.


We never take our eye off helping you reduce expenses and increase revenues. We make your people more productive. We help you create new business opportunities. Our services can help you improve your opportunity conversion rate, increase sales per customer and build stakeholder loyalty. Edgeware is your bottom-line partner.

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Data-System Assessments

It can be hard to know where your data is helping you and where it is holding you back if you don’t fully understand the strengths and weaknesses of your current systems and what is possible with new software. Edgeware Data-System Assessments analyze your hardware, your software and how your employees, customers, prospects and suppliers use them. We also examine what is happening in your industry and other relevant sectors. We complete our analysis with an actionable report, plan and presentation. When you know you have a problem (or think you might), our assessments provide clarity on the solution. The process also helps you build support for the recommendations so that eventual deployment is a success. Learn more about Edgeware Data-System Assessments »

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Customer-Facing Applications

Edgeware designs custom applications and deploys third-party solutions for use online via the public web, private intranet or mobile. We can design solutions for e-commerce, digital marketplaces, user content, membership programs, social networks, online communities and more. This front-facing software can turn your website into a profit machine. We lead and conduct the process through the entire development lifecycle from goal setting to deployment and support. Whether you need an entirely new software solution or just an add-on for an existing package, our custom programming helps you increase conversions, improve your client intelligence, build engagement and strengthen loyalty. Learn more about our Customer-Facing Applications »

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Operational Software

Edgeware provides standalone and add-on custom software solutions for all your behind-the-scenes operational needs. Our work includes systems for order management, accounting, inventory management, vendor ordering, human resources, marketing, manufacturing, work orders, shipping and more. As with our front-facing solutions, our development process runs from initial goal setting and planning all the way through to going live and maintaining the software. Our clients use Edgeware services to reduce or eliminate manual tasks, improve data quality, accelerate workflows and keep up-to-date. No matter the department or task, we help make it more profitable. Learn more about our Operational Software development »

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Systems Integration

At Edgeware, we like to say, ‘We help you manage your data.’ No-where is this mission more important than with our Systems Integration services. A key objective of data management is for separate systems to work seamlessly together. By connecting your applications, we help you build your business intelligence, improve operational reliability and increase productivity. Our integration services include data migration to the cloud or consolidated on-/off-premise servers, connecting applications, rationalizing record management and aggregating data sources. As with all our work, our ultimate goal with of our integration services is to improve both your peace-of-mind and your bottom line. Learn more about our Systems Integration services »

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Systems Integration Development

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