Corporate Hosting

Liberate Your Data

Take your business anywhere, easily and securely, with shared hosting, virtual private servers or dedicated hardware.


Your Business — Wherever You Need It

With Edgeware cloud hosting services, you can access your vital business information whenever and wherever you need it. You can provide secure access for employees, customers, vendors or other stakeholders. Anytime, anywhere data can transform your operations.

Secure and Reliable

With cloud hosting, you no longer have a single point of failure. Your data is backed-up in more than one location. Our redundant systems provide you highly-reliable access to your mission-critical applications and data.

Easily Scaled to Your Needs

With Edgeware Corporate Hosting, you never have to worry about running out of server resources or maintaining your hardware. We take care of those headaches and provide you with the tools to easily scale your services when needed.

Web Hosting

Edgeware’s web hosting service makes it easy for businesses and web developers to host their websites online. Choose a Windows Plesk or Unix cPanel control panel to manage your sites. Our hosting plans offer resources and reliability that you won’t find from any other hosting provider, without the extra complication and costs of operating your own in-house corporate network and servers.

Microsoft Exchange (Email) Hosting

If you’re looking to collaborate over the cloud, there are few better platforms than Microsoft Exchange and few better hosts than Edgeware. Choose to launch your Exchange services in Canada and / or the United States.  In a matter of minutes, we’ll get you set up with a full-featured, utility based solution, complete with an easy-to-use management and billing platform. Rather than having to wrestle with hosting concerns, you’ll be able to get back to managing your team.

Backups as a Service

Edgeware provides data backup solutions that are sophisticated, straightforward and affordable — for our hosting customers as well as others. Our LAN-Based Backup Service keeps your data on your premises and protects against hardware failures or human error. Our Cloud-Based Backup Service secures your data off-site protecting you against catastrophic losses from incidents such as fire, floods or theft. We offer restore granularity from individual files up to complete system recovery with 15 restore points daily and the option for more.

Virtual Private Servers (VPS)

Take your business into the cloud and let us handle the infrastructure. Never worry about unpredictable IT costs again. Edgeware’s Virtual Private Server (VPS) Hosting is flexible enough to expand as you grow, and reliable enough to support the needs of business. We can create Virtual Machines at the touch of a button. You can purchase as many resources as you need, and deploy cloud servers in seconds. Everything is backed by our 100 percent network and infrastructure level uptime agreement.

Dedicated Servers

Stop worrying about losing data to a lack of redundant systems or dealing with unexpected IT costs. Rent a dedicated server in Toronto, Ontario or Dallas, Texas and get enterprise grade components, a guaranteed 100 Mbps unmetered port, two power supplies fed by redundant 2N A+B feeds and hardware RAID10 with battery backup and cache included in the standard price. Skip the lack of redundancy and saturated bandwidth pipes and get dedicated power today.