Custom Software Design

Earn and Save More

Software you can count on for scalability, maintenance and integration with your existing software applications.


Saving and Making You Money

Our custom software applications can save you money by reducing staff time required for your workflows, or by updating and prolonging the life of your legacy software and hardware.  Just as importantly, we can help you increase sales and revenues. With custom software development, we can help you identify or leverage new business opportunities; and provide new insights on your operations with an eye to increasing your profitability.

Your Partner Throughout the Process

We help you every step of the way — even when you are not sure what is required. First, we assist you to frame the challenge and define your goals. Then, we outline a solution for your review, and subsequently implement it. Finally, we monitor the success of your new software, adapt it where beneficial and maintain it over time as needed.

All Sizes and Types of Projects

At Edgeware, we are experts in helping you to develop new business opportunities and to streamline your operations  with custom software solutions. From the latest in web and mobile applications to updates for legacy systems; and from small updates to major new applications — we can craft software systems to your individual objectives.

Rocket D3 Database Applications

Rocket’s D3 and mvBase MultiValue DBMS Solutions are powerful development environments designed for today’s business critical transactional and analytical database applications – providing scalability, seamless interoperability, connectivity and low system management cost. Edgeware is a leading provider of custom modifications, add-ons, integrations and modules for D3.

One of our solutions — our EdgeD3 application — is specially designed to enable Microsoft.NET Framework applications to connect to D3 databases. This framework provides you with modern user-interface options, web connectivity and the ability to integrate other systems including legacy applications.

SQL-Based Database Systems

SQL Server and mySQL database applications are at the heart of many of today’s largest online services and data systems.  Edgeware’s main focus is database application development.  We can build everything from small, internal applications to large, public-facing systems. We can also adapt your current SQL application to your current needs.

Web Applications & Websites

Edgeware develops a wide range of web applications — from static websites to interactive content and e-commerce solutions. We have particular expertise in the development of database-driven intranet applications, and we can convert existing desktop systems to cloud-based applications. We can also integrate your systems with many of the latest web applications from third-party services.

Mobile Applications

For many, mobile internet use has now surpassed desktop-based access. At Edgeware, we understand both the opportunities and the challenges presented by this massive transition. We build everything from mobile versions of websites to complex transactional applications. Whether you need a tool for your employees, or a consumer app, we can help you take your business on the road.